Saturday, May 05, 2012

A Whiff Of Grapeshot

My version of the standard blogger's "Random Thoughts" post.

I am very hopeful that the Holy Father will provide an approved structure for the Pius X Society very soon.  I like the idea of reinforcements on the right of the Church.

The Jesuits need to be decimated.  Every tenth member of the leadership of the order should be burned at the stake.  Just make sure none of the few good Jesuits left are among the 10%.  The latest outrage is Georgetown inviting "Catholic" Kathleen Sibelius to be a commencement speaker.  Beyond the pale.  It ends up on the desk of the notoriously weak Cardinal Wuerl.  He will do nothing.  Oh that Bishop Bruskewitz could be temporarily made brevet-Archbishop of Washington  DC to deal with this!

Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans rock!!!

The Holy Father really needs to start packing the College Of Cardinals for the next conclave.  Does he really want the conclave that picks his successor to be overloaded with Bertone clones, wishy-washy Italian bureaucrats with no spines, who might be harboring the next John XXIII or Paul VI among them, or worse?  More Burkes and Ranjiths, please.  No more Wuerls.  How about a Cardinal Fellay?  And a Cardinal Rifan?  Right now, I would say that, issues of age or health put aside, my favorites are Burke and Pell, but I might be unfair to non-English speaking Cardinals who might be very good, but I am just not familiar with them.  I assume the Italians will vote in lock-step for another Italian.  Hopefully they will not be a factor. 

Among the things that really need a shake-up are the Boston Red Sox.  Keep Pedroia.  Keep Ellsbury no matter how much it costs.  Keep Ortiz until his is done.  Keep Bard.  Keep Lester.  Blow up the rest of the team and start over.  Maybe I am just too stupid to understand, but someone please explain to me again the necessity of not paying Jason Bay, Jonathan Papelbon, and Marco Scutaro what they were worth. 

It was really sad to read about the suicide of former Patriot Junior Seau.  God have mercy on him!

Thumbs up to the Mystic Monks and their Hermit's Bold Coffee Blend!  I drink one cup of coffee a day, and it has to be strong.  So the Hermit's Bold, the Midnight Vigils, or the Espresso work for me.  The beans are so freshly roasted that they have a lovely sheen to them.  Even Starbucks beans are dull when you open the bag for the first time.  The monks' beans taste great!  Plus, when you buy coffee from the monks, none of the profits get siphoned off to support gay marriage, which is what Starbucks does with part of your coffee money. 

The new Blogger set up is driving me nuts!  I hate it!!!

Thanks to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts for favors granted this weekend! 

Daily Marian Prayer And Image

From The Glories Of Mary, by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori:

Behold, O Mother of my God, my only hope, Mary, behold at thy feet a miserable sinner, who asks thee for mercy. Thou art proclaimed and called by the whole Church, and by all the faithful, the refuge of sinners. Thou art consequently my refuge; thou hast to save me. I will say with William of Paris, Thou knowest, most sweet Mother of God, how much thy Blessed Son desires our salvation ("Tu . . . enim, dulcissima Dei Mater, nosti quantum placeat benedicto Filio tuo salus nostra"—Rhèt. Div. c. 18). Thou knowest all that Jesus Christ endured for this end. I present thee, O my Mother, the sufferings of Jesus: the cold that he endured in the stable, his journey into Egypt, his toils, his sweat, the blood that he shed, the anguish which caused his death on the cross, and of which thou wast thyself a witness. O, show that thou lovest thy beloved Son, and by this love I implore thee to assist me. Extend thy hand to a poor creature who has fallen, and asks thy help. Were I a saint, I would not need seek thy mercy: but because I am a sinner, I fly to thee, who art the Mother of Mercies. I know that thy compassionate heart finds its consolation in assisting the miserable, when thou canst do so, and dost not find them obstinate. Console, then, thy compassionate heart, and console me this day; for now thou hast the opportunity of saving a poor creature condemned to hell; and thou canst do so, for I will not be obstinate. I abandon myself into thy hands, only tell me what thou wouldst have me do, and obtain for me strength to execute it, for I am resolved to do all that depends on me to recover the divine grace. I take refuge under thy mantle. Jesus wills that I should have recourse to thee, in order not only that his blood may save me, but also that thy prayers may assist me in this great work; for thy glory, and for his own, since thou art his Mother. He sends me to thee, that thou mayst help me. O Mary, see, I have recourse to thee; in thee do I confide. Thou prayest for so many others, pray also for me; say only a word. Tell our Lord that thou willest my salvation, and God will certainly save me. Say that I am thine, and then I have obtained all that I ask, all that I desire.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday At the Foot Of the Cross

Light's glittering morn bedecks the sky,

heaven thunders forth its victor cry,

the glad earth shouts its triumph high,

and groaning hell makes wild reply:
While he, the King of glorious might,

treads down death's strength in death's despite,

and trampling hell by victor's right,

brings forth his sleeping Saints to light.
Fast barred beneath the stone of late

in watch and ward where soldiers wait,

now shining in triumphant state,

He rises Victor from death's gate.
Hell's pains are loosed, and tears are fled;

captivity is captive led;

the Angel, crowned with light, hath said,

'The Lord is risen from the dead.' 
The Apostles' hearts were full of pain

for their dear Lord so lately slain:

that Lord his servants' wicked train

with bitter scorn had dared arraign. 
With gentle voice the Angel gave

the women tidings at the grave;

'Forthwith your Master shall ye see:

He goes before to Galilee.' 
 And while with fear and joy they pressed

to tell these tidings to the rest,

their Lord, their living Lord, they meet,

and see his form, and kiss his feet.

The Eleven, when they hear, with speed

to Galilee forthwith proceed:

that there they may behold once more

the Lord's dear face, as oft before.
In this our bright and Paschal day

the sun shines out with purer ray,

when Christ, to earthly sight made plain,

the glad Apostles see again.
The wounds, the riven wounds he shows

in that his flesh with light that glows,

in loud accord both far and nigh

the Lord's arising testify.
O Christ, the King who lovest to bless,

do thou our hearts and souls possess;

to thee our praise that we may pay,

to whom our laud is due for aye.  

Daily Marian Prayer And Image

From The Glories Of Mary, by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori:

O my sovereign Queen and worthy Mother of my God, most holy Mary; I seeing myself, as I do, so despicable and loaded with so many sins, ought not to presume to call thee Mother, or even to approach thee; yet I will not allow my miseries to deprive me of the consolation and confidence that I feel in calling thee mother; I know well that I deserve that thou shouldst reject me; but I beseech thee to remember all that thy Son Jesus has endured for me, and then reject me if thou canst.

I am a wretched sinner, who, more than all others, have despised the infinite majesty of God: but the evil is done. To thee have I recourse; thou canst help me; my Mother, help me. Say not that thou canst not do so; for I know that thou art all-powerful, and that thou obtainest whatever thou desirest of God; and if thou sayest that thou wilt not help me, tell me at least to whom I can apply in this my so great misfortune. "Either pity me," will I say with the devout St. Anselm, "O my Jesus, and forgive me, and do thou pity me, my Mother Mary, by interceding for me, or at least tell me to whom I can have recourse, who is more compassionate, or in whom I can have greater confidence than in thee" ("Aut miseremini miseri, tu parcendo, tu interveniendo; aut ostendite, ad quos tutius fugiam misericordiores; et monstrate, in quibus certius confidam potentiores"—Orat. 50).


Thursday, May 03, 2012

Daily Marian Prayer And Image

From The Glories Of Mary, by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori:

O Lady, O ravished of hearts! ("O Domina, quae rapis corda.") I will exclaim with St. Bonaventure: "Lady, who with the love and favor thou showest thy servants dost ravish their hearts, ravish also my miserable heart, which desires ardently to love thee. Thou, my Mother, hast enamoured a God with thy beauty, and drawn him from heaven into thy chaste womb; and shall I live without loving thee? "No, I will say to thee with one of thy most loving sons, John Berchmans of the Society of Jesus, I will never rest until I am certain of having obtained thy love; but a constant and tender love towards thee, my Mother, who hast loved me with so much tenderness" ("Nunquam quiescam, donec habuero tenerum amorem erga Matrem meam, Mariam"), even when I was ungrateful towards thee.

And what should I now be, O Mary, if thou hadst not obtained so many mercies for me? Since, then, thou didst love me so much when I loved thee not, how much more may I not now hope from thee, now that I love thee? I love thee, O my Mother, and I would that I had a heart to love thee in place of all those unfortunate creatures who love thee not. I would that I could speak with a thousand tongues, that all might know thy greatness, thy holiness, thy mercy, and the love with which thou lovest all who love thee. Had I riches, I would employ them all for thy honor. Had I subjects, I would make them all thy lovers. In fine, if the occasion presented itself I would lay down my life for thy glory. I love thee, then, O my Mother; but at the same time I fear that I do not love thee as I ought; for I hear that love makes lovers like the person loved. If, then, I see myself so unlike thee, it is a mark that I do not love thee. Thou art so pure, and I defiled with many sins; thou so humble, and I so proud; thou so holy, and I so wicked. This, then, is what thou hast to do, O Mary; since thou lovest me, make me like thee. Thou hast all power to change hearts; take, then, mine and change it. Show the world what thou canst, do for those who love thee. Make me a saint; make me thy worthy child. This is my hope.



Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Daily Marian Prayer And Image

From The Glories Of Mary, by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori:

O most holy Mother Mary, how is it possible that I, having so holy a mother, should be so wicked? a mother all burning with the love of God, and I loving creatures; a mother so rich in virtue, and I so poor? Ah, amiable Mother, it is true that I do not deserve any longer to be thy son, for by my wicked life I have rendered myself unworthy of so great an honor. I am satisfied that thou shouldst accept me for thy servant; and in order to be admitted amongst the vilest of them, I am ready to renounce all the kingdoms of the world. Yes, I am satisfied. But still thou must not forbid me to call thee mother. This name consoles and fills me with tenderness, and reminds me of my obligation to love thee. This name excites me to great confidence in thee. When my sins and the divine justice fill me most with consternation, I am all consoled at the thought that thou art my mother. Allow me then, to call thee mother, my most amiable mother. Thus do I call thee, and thus will I always call thee. Thou, after God, must be my hope, my refuge, my love in this valley of tears. Thus do I hope to die, breathing forth my soul into thy holy hands, and saying, My Mother my Mother Mary, help me, have pity on me!


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Celebrating May

Well, it is May 1st, the first day of Our Blessed Lady's Month.  Here in Boston this year, it is cloudy, rainy, drizzly, windy, and may not even reach 50 degrees.  But our ancestors greeted May not only with crowning Our Blessed Lady's image with a gift of a garland of lovely flowers, but with May Poles and games.

Here is some music for May, mostly from Magpie Lane.

Magpie Lane, May Day Carol

Magpie Lane, May Song

Magpie Lane, Bushes And Briars

Magpie Lane, Jack In the Green/Jack's Alive

Magpie Lane, The Painful Plough

Tim Hart and Maddy Prior, Bring Us In Good Ale

Shirley Collins, Staines Morris

Saint Joseph the Carpenter

Today we honor Saint Joseph as a humble practicioner of an honorable trade, as his example sanctifies work and reminds us of its value.

Daily Marian Prayer And Image

From The Glories Of Mary, by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori:

O, Mother of my God, and my Lady Mary; as a beggar, all wounded and sore, presents himself before a great queen, so do I present myself before thee, who art the Queen of heaven and earth.  From the lofty throne on which thou sittest, disdain not, I implore thee, to cast thine eyes on me, a poor sinner.  God has made thee so rich that thou mightest assist the poor, and has constituted thee Queen of Mercy in order that thou mightest relieve the miserable.  Behold me then, and pity me: behold me and abandon me not, until thou seest me changed from a sinner into a saint.  I know well that I merit nothing; nay more, that I deserve, on account of my ingratitude, to be deprived of the graces that, through thy means,  I have already received from God.  But thou, who art the Queen of Mercy, seekest not merits, but miseries, in order to help the needy.  But who is more needy than I? 

O, exalted Virgin, well do I know that thou, who art Queen of the universe, art already my queen; yet am I determined to dedicate myself more especially to thy service, in order that thou mayest dispose of me as thou pleasest.  Therefore do I address thee in the words of St. Bonaventur: "Do thou govern me, O my Queen, and leave me not to myself" ("Domina, me tuae dominationi committo, ut me plenarie regas et gubernes; no mihi me relinquas."—Stim. Div. Am. p. 3, c. 19).  Command me; employ me as thou wilt, and chastise me when I do not obey; for the chastisements that come from thy hands will be to me pledges of salvation.  I would rather be thy servant than the ruler of the earth.  I am thine; save me ("Tuus sum ego, salvum me fac."—Ps. cxviii. 94).  Accept me, O Mary, for thine own, and as thine, take charge of my salvation.  I will no longer be mine; to thee do I give myself.  If, during the time past I have served thee ill, and lost so many occasions of honoring thee, for the future I will be one of thy most loving and faithful servants.  I am determined that from this day forward no one shall surpass me in honoring and loving thee, my most amiable Queen.  This I promise; and this, with thy help, I hope to execute.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Saint Catherine Of Siena

The last day of April is the feast of this great stigmatist.

Saint Catherine, please pray for us!

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