Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flag Day


Our Blessed Lady's Saturday

Most excellent, most glorious, most holy and ever immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, Queen of the whole world and Mistress of every creature, thou doth forsake no one, thou doth reject no one, thou doth send no one away who comes to thee with a pure and humble heart. Do not reject me for my countless grievous sins. Do not forsake me on account of my great sinfulness, or my hardness and uncleanness of heart. Graciously hear me, a miserable sinner, trusting in thy tender mercy.

Come to my aid, most loving Virgin Mary, in all my trials and needs. Obtain for me of thy dear Son, Almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ, the forgiveness and pardon of all my sins and the grace of fear of God and love of thee. Grant health and purity of body and deliverance from all evils and dangers which threaten my soul and body.

In my last moments graciously help me, and deliver my soul and the souls of my parents, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives and benefactors, and of all faithful Christians, both living and departed, from eternal darkness and from all evil, by the grace of Him Whom thou didst carry in thy sacred womb for nine long months, and laid in the manger with thy own pure hands, our Lord Jesus Christ thy Son Who is praised forever. Amen.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Saint Anthony of Padua

The Catholic Encyclopedia on St. Anthony


This great Franciscan saint, proclaimed by Pope Pius XII the "Evangelical Doctor" of the Church, is also the patron of those seeking lost things.

When Saint Anthony was preaching in Rimini, a local heretic (some sources say the man was Jewish) stated that he would not believe in Our Lord's Real Presence in the Eucharist unless a horse knelt before the Blessed Sacrament. After praying, Saint Anthony had a horse brought to him, and showed the horse the Blessed Sacrament in his right hand, and some oats in his left. The horse refused the oats, and knelt before the Blessed Sacrament. And the heretic made his submission to Holy Mother the Church.

Saint Anthony, I thank thee for favors granted, and please continue to pray for us!


Friday At the Foot Of the Cross

ADORABLE Heart of Jesus, glowing with love for us and Inflamed with zeal for our salvation: O Heart! ever sensible of our misery and the wretchedness to which our sins have reduced us, infinitely rich in mercy to heal the wounds of our souls, behold us humbly prostrate before Thee to express the sorrow that fills our hearts for the coldness and indifference with which we have so long requited the numberless benefits that Thou hast conferred upon us. With a deep sense of the outrages that have been heaped upon Thee by our sins and the sins of others, we come to make a solemn reparation of honor to thy most sacred majesty. It was our sins that overwhelmed Thy Heart with bitterness; it was the weight of our iniquities that pressed down Thy face to the earth in the Garden of Olives, and caused Thee to expire in anguish and agony on the Cross.

But now, repenting and sorrowful, we cast ourselves at Thy feet, and implore forgiveness. Adorable Heart of Jesus, source of true contrition and ever merciful to the penitent sinner, impart to our hearts the spirit of penance, and give to our eyes a fountain of tears, that we may sincerely bewail our sins now and for the rest of our days. Oh, would that we could blot them out, even with our blood! Pardon them, O Lord, in Thy mercy, and pardon and convert to Thee all that have committed irreverences and sacrileges against Thee in the Sacrament of Thy love, and thus give another proof that Thy mercy is above all Thy works. Divine Jesus, with Thee there are mercy and plentiful redemption: deliver us from our sins, accept the sincere desire we now entertain, and our holy resolution, relying on the assistance of Thy grace, henceforth to be faithful to Thee. And in order to repair the sins of ingratitude by which we have grieved Thy most tender and loving Heart, we are resolved in the future ever to love and honor Thee in the most adorable Sacrament of the Altar, where Thou art ever present to hear and grant our petitions, and to be the food and life of our souls. Be Thou, O compassionate Jesus! our Mediator with Thy Heavenly Father, Whom we have so grievously offended; strengthen our weakness, confirm these our resolutions of amendment, and as Thy Sacred Heart is our refuge and our hope when we have sinned, so may It be the strength and support of our repentance, that nothing in life or death may ever again separate us from Thee.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Blogs I Find Most Helpful and Interesting

These are my genuine must-reads just about every day. They are in no particular order.

Catholic Church Conservation
Hallowed Ground
Rorate Caeli
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Dyspeptic Mutterings
Ten Reasons
The Cafetaria Is Closed
Tea At Trianon
The New Liturigical Movement
Irish Elk
The Inn At the End of the World
Argent By the Tiber
A Penitent Blogger
Our Lady's Tears
The Hermaneutic Of Continuity
Shrine Of the Holy Whapping
The Lion and the Cardinal
Stony Creek Digest
The Catholic Cavemen
The Crescat
Mulier Fortis
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Vultus Christi
Abbey Roads 2

Most hard-working blogs that deserve attention:

Rome of the West
The Raving Medievalist
All the Blosser family blogs

Most missed blogs among those no longer active, or on hiatus?

Maine Catholic and Beyond
In Illo Tempore
The Inspired Traditionalist
Otto de Fe
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Blogs That Just Don't Do It For Me Anymore

Mark Shea
Amy Welborn
Jimmy Akins
(GASP, that's the BIG THREE right there!!!
Yeah, I guess it is.)


The Traditional Mass Returns To West Peabody

I grew up in West Peabody and lived there for 30 years, though I did not attend Saint Adelaide's, as I went to school in Lynnnfield, and we made the parish there our "home" parish. This tidbit comes via the Save Holy Trinity Yahoo Group:

The very first Vatican-authorized TLM on the North Shore in several

ST. ADELAIDE'S Roman Catholic Church, Peabody, MA
(Directions in the attached)

INSTRUCTION, 1:45 p.m.
Latin-English Missals provided

At the mass, before or after Email me or call 978-687-1734 or 6071.
Carpooling call: 978-335-8551.


You are Cordially Invited to a


On the Solemnity of St. Peter and St. Paul

Sunday, June 29, 2008
2:00 pm

Confessions 1:00 – 1:40 pm
Instruction 1:45 pm

St. Adelaide Parish Church
708 Lowell Street
Peabody, MA 01960

CELEBRANT: Father Raymond Van de Moortell, Pastor

English-Latin missals available

Refreshments immediately following in the lower church

This Mass is offered in accordance with His Holiness Pope Benedict
XVI's Apostolic Letter "Summorum Pontificum," issued "motu proprio,"
July 7, 2007

***Directions: Rte 114 to Jct. Rte. 62 SOUTH. Take 62 SOUTH for
two+ miles (into Lynnfield) to Lowell Street (four-way stop). Left
on Lowell Street 1.5+ miles. St. Adelaide's is on the right side.

VOLUNTEERS: If you can help – or you need help
Call: 978-687-1734 or (978) 335-8551
Greeting, assisting, ushering, cleaning-up, wheelchair assistance,
emailing, phones

Carpooling: call (978) 685-5577


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Basic Courtesy On the Decline

I know that is hardly startling news to anyone, but it really hits you when you are trying to exit an elevator or subway train, and people are trying to cram themselves past you, or standing directly in front of the doors so that you can't get out. Of course, people should stand off to the side of the doors of elevators and subway cars, and wait until the people getting off have done so, then get on.

Much of the lack of courtesy is due to people from different cultures not familiar with Anglo-American norms of behaviour. But they should be learning how to behave here, not pulling us down to the level of the Third World. And the lack of courtesy is spreading to the native-born population as well. Bad culture percolates up, as we have seen with such things as rap music.

Another thing that I see a lot is drama. Out in public drama. Couples yelling at each other about trivial things in public. Now my parents fought like cat and dog at home much of the time. But never out in public. They never made a scene in public. To do so would be a disgrace.

I think people need to reintegrate into their lives the standards of public behaviour more common in the 1940s and 1950s. Or society will collapse into chaos and disorder.

In the half hour since I first posted this entry, I glanced around the Catholic Restoratinists, and at a few kindred sites, and found two other bloggers who are also of a mind to bewail the decline of standards of behaviour. Lady Elena at Tea At Trianon and J.D. Carriere also are on this topic. So I'm not alone!!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer Colds Really Get Me Down

And of course, with 95-degree heat and high humidity for the last couple of days and the next few, I would develop one. Bad, almost migraine-like headache on Saturday morning, and now something in the back of the throat, and some nasal congestion. And lack of sleep last night because of the Celtics game isn't helping. Curse the NBA and their 9pm start-times for games!

I envy hermits who don't come into contact with other people. They don't get the germs that are being passed around by others.

On the positive side, the Red Sox are in first place by a game and a half, and the Celtics have taken a quick 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals.


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